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John Chandler

Observe, Design, Build

Arduino Actuators

To explore the motivations of under-represented populations to engage in STEM projects I engaged with a local community group to develop five different Arduino-based projects. The five projects were developed to each represent a different primary motivation. A survey was administered to find out which projects the participants would be most interested in pursuing. Workshops are being provided to the participants to build these projects.

On this project, I designed and built the Arduino projects, developed the research protocol and surveys, and I’m currently writing a paper to submit to ICER.

Line-following robot: video
Knock lock box: video
Environment control: video
Dance pants: video
Pattern-matching game: video

Maker Make

Maker Make is a system for allowing rapid prototyping of physical spaces for use in a maker environment. This ability to rapidly adjust the physical workspace allows for better integration of computational media, as well as the ability to combine and blend skill sets that makers use to create complex, authentic projects.

On this project, I designed, developed and fabricated the physical construction. I am pursuing an iterative design process and have not yet begun testing.

Maker Make was presented at the STEAM3 conference as a cooperative project with Tech Hustle.

Please see the PDF


The SayWhyPoll is a smartphone application that allows for the simultaneous polling of quantitative and qualitative information. This application combines a smartphone application with a PHP MySQL server-side configuration to gather both for data as well as videos.

On this project I helped normalize the existing database to allow for cleaner data entry and retrieval. I built the PHP scripts to allow for server-side interaction of the Android application. I constructed a back end to allow for the creation of polls. And I developed the script to integrate the wipe all data into a potential and current desk.

project website

Passive Haptic Learning of Braille

Passive haptic learning involves the application of vibrations to the base of our participants’ fingers to allow for the individual to develop muscle memory of specific physical actions. This technique has been used to train piano, and we are modifying it to train people to type on a braille chording keyboard.

On this project, I am responsible for the creation of the surveys and running user tests.

Note-It-All (class project)

Note-it-all is a smart phone based notetaking and organizational system designed to help people with cognitive disabilities quickly record and retrieve note. Its flexible tagging and Association features allow users to quickly start taking notes, and allows them to organize them flexibly and easily after-the-fact.

On this project I participated in the design, development, and user testing of the application. To speed the development of a usable prototype, the system was implemented as a web-based functional prototype. I developed both front end JavaScript and HTML pages, as well as the database and server side PHP files.

Note-It-All prototype

iGarden (class project)

iGarden is a data visualization system designed to help with the selection of plants for specific site conditions. iGarden was implemented using JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS, and the D3 JavaScript library, as well as a MySQL and PHP back end for data management.

I was responsible for plenary design and development of the system and wire framing sections of the interface. During implementation I built the database and PHP backend, as well as coded several front end modules using both JavaScript and D3.

Please watch the video